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Without proper representation, you could be facing a poor reputation, jail or prison time, fines and restitution. At The Law Office of David C. Sheldon, no case is too big or too small to handle. The Law Office of David C. Sheldon has provided representation to individuals facing criminal defense offenses all throughout the Cuyhoga Falls area.

A criminal charge can affect your personal and professional future permanently. Whether you are in Cuyhoga Falls or surrounding areas, The Law Office of David C. Sheldon is the criminal defense law firm you can trust. The Law Office of David C. Sheldon has gained its reputation due to the hardworking dedication, individualized attention, and aggressive defense employed in previous cases. Call to receive a free evaluation today.

The Law Office of David C. Sheldon is very adept at handling matters of criminal defense. Having handled countless of criminal defense cases in the Cuyhoga Falls community has equipped the firm with the knowledge and skill needed to craft a strong defense. When you are facing a criminal charge, regardless of how petty it may seem, you should seek quality legal representation for a greater chance to receive the best possible outcome.