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With a history of successfully mitigating criminal defense cases to reduce or drop charges, Law Offices of David C. Sheldon knows the skills and tactics needed to build a strong defense. Law Offices of David C. Sheldon are trained to have a soft touch with clients, but a hard-hitting defense against Wooster area prosecutors. The professionals of Law Offices of David C. Sheldon are here to stand by your side when you call our law firm.

An expert Wooster criminal defense attorney from Law Offices of David C. Sheldon will ensure that you are treated and tried fairly throughout your criminal defense case. Do not put your future in potential jeopardy, contact the Wooster criminal defense attorneys at Law Offices of David C. Sheldon immediately. This decision is about more than just simply hiring someone to represent you, it is about making sure you hire the right attorney that is reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and proactive.

When you hire our Wooster firm, you can rest assured that your attorney will be devoted to preserving your rights and freedom. If you are seeking a dedicated and aggressive criminal defense defense attorney with extensive criminal law experience, call our office. We will work very hard to safeguard your Constitutional rights.